1st African Conference on International Commercial Law
Names / Titles of Speakers
Mr. Stephen Agaba 
1. Mr. Stephen Agaba
Principal Legal Officer, East African
Community, Tanzania
 Prof. Dr. Mbissane Ngom
2. Prof. Dr. Mbissane Ngom
Gaston Berger University, Sénegal
 Hon. Prof. Dr. Samuel Kofi Date-Bah
3. Hon. Prof. Dr. Samuel Kofi Date-Bah
Justice, Supreme Court of Ghana, Ghana.
Prof. Dr. Claire Moore Dickerson, LL.M.
4. Prof. Dr. Claire Moore Dickerson, LL.M.
Tulane University, Law School, USA.
 Dr. Gaston Kenfack Douajni
5. Dr. Gaston Kenfack Douajni
Magistrate Vice-Director of Civil, Commercial, Social and Traditional Legislation, Ministry of Justice, Cameroon.
 Prof. Dr. Charles Fombad, LL.M.
6. Prof. Dr. Charles Fombad, LL.M.
Pretoria University, South Africa
Mr. Jason Fry
7. Mr. Jason Fry
Barrister and Solicitor, Secretary General, International Court of Arbitration of the
International Chamber of Commerce, France.
 Prof. Dr. Joseph Issa Sayeght
8. Prof. Dr. Joseph Issa Sayeght
Nice (France), Dakar (Senegal) and
Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) Universities.
 Dr. Idris Baba Mohammed
9. Dr. Idris Baba Mohammed
LL.M., Honourable Justice, Federal High Court, Nigeria
Mr. Idrissa Kéré
10. Mr. Idrissa Kéré
Director in Charge of Judicial Affairs and International Organisation at the OHADA Permanent Secretariat, Cameroon.
 Mr. Muchadeyi Ashton Masunda
11. Mr. Muchadeyi Ashton Masunda
Chairman of the Commercial Arbitration Centre in Harare and Mayor of Harare, Zimbabwe
 Ms. Lonias Ndlovu, LL.M.
12. Prof. Dr. Riekie Wandrag, LL.M.
Western Cape University, South Africa
Prof. Dr. Jan Ramberg
13. Prof. Dr. Jan Ramberg
Stockholm University, Sweden.
 Dr. Christa Roodt, LL.M.
14. Dr. Christa Roodt, LL.M.
Aberdeen University, United Kingdom.
 Dr. Ousmanou Sadjo
15. Dr. Ousmanou Sadjo
Director of the African Centre for Law and Development, Cameroon.
Prof. Dr. Filiga Michel Sawadogo
16. Prof. Dr. Filiga Michel Sawadogo
Ouagadougou University, Burkina Faso.
 Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer, LL.M.
17. Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer, LLM.
Basel University, Switzerland.
 Mr. Renaud Sorieul
18. Mr. Renaud Sorieul
Secretary of UNCITRAL, Austria.
Mr. Kolèka Boutora Takpa
19. Mr. Koléka Boutora Takpa
OHADA Permanent Secretary, Cameroon
 Dr. Martha Tumnde, LL.M.
20. Dr. Martha Tumnde, LLM.
Buea University, Cameroon.
 Prof. Dr. Stephan Vogenauer, LL.M.
21. Prof. Dr. Stephan Vogenauer, LL.M.
Oxford University, United Kingdom.
Ms. Frederique Mestre
22. Ms. Frederique Mestre
UNIDROIT Senior Officer, Italy
Dr. Luca Castellani
23. Dr. Luca Castellani
LL.M. Legal officer, UNCITRAL Secretariat, Vienna, Austria

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